About Leap

Law enforcement agencies (LEAs) may potentially conduct over two million searches each year to discover and track perpetrators. Yet, while perpetrators can switch carriers easily to try to avoid discovery, agencies historically have not had access to the very telephone number porting information that could lead them to perpetrators quickly. Additionally, whether their searches are a pen register, trap-and-trace or a Title III or Title 50 wiretap, agencies need to conduct searches as quickly and efficiently as possible to deliver accurate subpoenas without delay.

Less time spent on manual production of subpoenas means more time for agents to spend in the field conducting investigations — and a better use of taxpayer dollars.

Neustar's Role

Building on its experience as the telephone number portability administrator for North America, as well as on its commitment to providing carriers with services for legal compliance with court-ordered requests and fraud management, Neustar has developed the Local Number Portability Enhanced Analytical Platform (LEAP).

LEAP represents an alternative, hosted solution to Neustar's existing Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system. Like the IVR system, LEAP provides qualified law enforcement agencies with a means to determine current service provider information for telephone numbers.

Neustar makes LEAP available to LEAs based on the existing analytical capabilities of each agency. Agencies interested in porting information on an as-needed basis are provided LEAP data on a subscription basis through a variety of LEA analytical collection platforms.

Benefits of Neustar's LEAP Solution

  • Efficient online searches to obtain the operating company number, service provider ID and identity name for the underlying service provider, as well as the contact name and number as submitted to the NPAC
  • Simple application programming interface (API-to-LEAP) allows for greater volumes of telephone number searches
  • Secure mechanism facilitates accurate and timely subpoena delivery
  • Comprehensive information delivered in a trusted environment available to LEAs only via Neustar
  • Rapid cost recovery and associated savings on resources
  • Improved investigative capabilities to apply to national security initiatives

As the administrator of the North American Number Portability Administration Center (NPAC), Neustar manages changes to telephone number routing information when subscribers change service from one local telephone service provider to another and keep their existing telephone number — whether the service is wireline, wireless, voice over IP (VoIP) or cable. Through access to Neustar's clearinghouse, LEAs can conduct searches on ported telephone numbers to determine a subscriber's service provider and the carrier's legal point of contact for delivering subpoenas from LEAs.