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What is LEAP?
LEAP is an acronym for Local Number Portability Enhanced Analytical Platform. It represents an alternative, hosted solution to Neustar’s existing IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system for qualified law enforcement agencies to determine current service provider information for telephone numbers.

Why should I subscribe to LEAP?
LEAP helps law enforcement agencies (LEAs) conduct more efficient online searches by providing operating company numbers, service provider IDs and identity names for the underlying service providers, as well as the contact names and numbers as submitted to the NPAC. LEAP also provides a secure mechanism that facilitates accurate and timely subpoena delivery.

How are searches on telephone numbers performed?
Searches may be performed on Neustar’s secure Web GUI by individual telephone numbers, telephone number ranges, a free form input field for up to 100 telephone numbers (separated by commas) or via a file upload (.xls or .csv) for up to 100 telephone numbers. Searches may also be performed via a simple application programming interface (API) for greater volumes of telephone number searches.

Does LEAP provide carrier records for customer name and address?
No. The records are a part of the carrier records, and must be subpoenaed to the carrier of record. However, LEAP does provide the identity of the carrier of record to which such a subpoena should be served.

How do I subscribe my agency/department to the LEAP service?
You may call (866) 638-9500 or email GotLEAP@support.neustar; a representative will then get in touch with you to answer questions and assist with your registration process. Please note that in both cases, you must be a qualified Law Enforcement Agency (LEA) and complete the online registration form for Neustar review and approval.

Are there any new NPAC capabilities that may aid law enforcement professionals?
There is now the ability to provide two new parameters to each TN record in the NPAC. They include:

  • Service Type (wireline, wireless, VoWiFi or VoIP; can add other service types as applicable)
  • Alternate service provider ID (SPID) (used in situations where a telephone number is owned by one carrier, but has its subscriber information housed with a reseller or alternate carrier that is providing service for that number)

Today, LEAs generate over two million subpoenas and court orders per year trying to find proper carriers of record to identify telephone numbers related to unknown associates. In this scenario, "shotgun" subpoenas are broadcast to multiple service providers to determine if a TN is assigned � and telecom carriers are forced to carry the burden of compliance, because they generate and maintain telephone records considered relevant in law enforcement investigations.

LEAP was designed to give LEAs recent porting information, along with non-ported information for service providers. (Also included within the platform is a carrier’s legal compliance point of contact, as well as their phone number.) If the carriers choose to populate the new fields for service type and alternate SPID, LEAP will reduce processing costs for carriers by enabling LEAs to be more efficient in their issuance of subpoenas directly to the correct service provider.